New World 0 to 200 Jewel Crafting Levelling Guide


From the seven crafting-based trade skills available in the New World, Jewel Crafting is one of them. You are free to choose the crafting profession you prefer depending upon the items you’re looking to make.

Jewel Crafting allows you to craft various trinkets like Rings, Amulets, and Earrings that offer passive bonuses to your character. These bonuses are important when you’re creating a specific build to enhance your comfortability during battles. Besides that, you can utilize the skills to craft gems that are socketed into armour and weapon slots for new world jewelcrafting guide.

In the following guide, we will be covering every minor detail that is related to Jewel Crafting, alongside the most efficient way to power level. So, if you wish to craft items of higher tier levels, then there’s no better spot for you to continue reading.

Materials & Skills Required

Jewel Crafting needs a lot of resources that can either be gathered, refined, or traded with other players in the game. You are free to choose your preferred means of obtaining the materials for new world leveling jewelcrafting.

The main resource while leveling up are metals like Embedded Gems and Silver that determine the bonuses of the crafted item. Besides that, the skill relies upon other crafting-based skills for materials, such as Mining, Arcana, Smelting, and Stone Cutting.

What are the benefits?

A powerful skill that offers players with passive allows, while also allowing you to create items for your equipment pieces. Higher Jewel Crafting level means better variants of trinkets and gems, which in turn offers better stats to your character for new world jewelcrafting guide.

How to level up?

There’s no fixed method of leveling up Jewel Crafting in the game; however, we have picked the best method that allows you to quickly max out. You’ll be crafting the same trinkets at the very beginning until you reach the level where you unlock better possibilities or new world leveling jewelcrafting.

The only crafting item you will need is a Flawed Gemstone Amulet. Yes, you can utilize any gemstone and combine it with a Silver Setting, Ingot, and Chain. You need to craft a total of 8,591 amulets to max out your Jewel Crafting skill.

Level 0 to 6

You’ll need to make 51 Silver Settings at the Outfitting Station. The materials required are – 204 Silver Ingots or 816 Silver Ore.

Level 6 to 12

You’ll need to make 51 Silver Chains. The materials required are – 255 Silver Ingots or 1020 Silver Ore.

Level 12 to 50

You’ll need to make 51 Flawed Gem Amulets. The materials required are – 51 Cut Flawed Gems or 51 Flawed Gems and 102 Motes, 51 Silver Ingots or 204 Silver Ores, 51 Silver Setting, and 51 Silver Chain.

Level 50 to 53

You’ll need to make 103 Silver Settings. The materials required are – 492 Silver Ingots or 1968 Silver Ore.

Level 53 to 55

You’ll need to make 103 Silver Chains. The materials required are – 615 Silver Ingots or 2460 Silver Ore.

Level 55 to 100

You’ll need to make 97 Tempered Emerald Ring. The materials required are – 97 Cut Emerald, 97 Silver Band, 97 Silver Setting, and 97 Silver Ingot.

Level 100 to 102

You’ll need to make 329 Silver Settings and Silver Chains. The materials required are – 2962 Silver Ingots or 816 11844 Silver Ore.

Level 102 to 150

You’ll need to make 312 Brilliant Pearl Ring. The materials required are – 312 Brilliant Pearl, 312 Silver Band, 312 Silver Setting, and 312 Silver Ingot.

Level 150 to 151

You’ll need to make 680 Silver Settings and 680 Silver Chains. The materials required are – 6120 Silver Ingots or 24480 Silver Ore.

Level 151 to 200

You’ll need to make 680 Pristine Gem Amulets. The materials required are – 680 Cut Brilliant Gems or 680 Pristine Gems, 13600 Gems, 13600 Wisps, 40800 Flawed Gems, and 13600 Weak Solvent, 3400 Essence or 13600 Wisps and 68000 Motes, 680 Quintessence or 2040 Essence, 8160 Wisps, and 40800 Motes, 680 Weak Solvent, 680 Silver Ingots or 1316 Silver Ores, 680 Silver Settings, and 680 Silver Chains.

World of Warcraft Multi Boxing Guide


World of Warcraft has many factors that help spark up the game, and by that, I don’t mean debates and controversies. One of those sparking factors is the Multi Boxing that is supported by some and despised by others. But the question that arises is, what is Multi Boxing and why has it added such an impact onto the players? Well, the term stands for playing with different characters at the same time, and that means different accounts. It sounds a little confounding, so to know more, you will have to read further ahead for this multiboxing wow guide.

What is Multi Boxing in the World of Warcraft?

As mentioned above, it is the act of playing with several different characters at a given time, which is either on one or a different computer. In simpler words, instead of playing as one character, you are now controlling several others simultaneously. It entirely depends on how strong your device is to handle more than one account. For instance, if you have more than one WoW client opened on a device, it can cause it to lag or crash. To take advantage of the multiboxing wow play style, you will need a special tool, and the good news is that is it available for both; Mac and PC users.

Is it allowed?

Yes, Multi Boxing is allowed in World of Warcraft retail servers, and there are numerous players who are actively playing using this method. This form of tool is not viewed as cheating by Blizzard, so as long as you stick to the genuine gameplay, anything and everything is allowed. However, the game moderators make take action in some cases like bringing a dozen of characters to kill the enemy faction’s PVP vendor at the battlegrounds. So, it’s best that you play smart while using the Multi Boxing tool.

Is it against the terms and conditions of the game?

The answer is an obvious no because as stated above, Blizzard has officially supported this tool for wow classic multiboxing, likewise to wow TBC multiboxing. So, it is not against the Terms of Service. I mean, they aren’t actively supporting Multi Boxing, but you won’t get banned if you use it in a genuine way. Just stay out of exploitation methods like stacking up important quest loots by playing at 15 different accounts by yourself, because that will cause Blizzard’s team to instantly notice and ban your account.

Why are other players against it?

There are several players that aren’t keen on the decision of letting Multi Boxers play, and you can view their comments on the official WoW forums for wow classic multiboxing, and wow TBC multiboxing. Most of the Warcraft fans feel that Multi Boxing is taking away the actual feel of the game, and the gameplay has started to feel a little unnatural. I mean, the reason is right in front of your eyes about why the players are upset about it.

How to set up the software?

To set the tool, you will have to first enter your WoW account details or other metrics that are related to it. The process may vary depending upon which Multi Boxing tool you’re using. For instance, there are PC-only solutions that allow you to enable control to different accounts from any keyboard that is found on the running computer. However, they are kind of require manual work and input codes, which isn’t for everyone, and that’s why players go for the other variants of Multi Boxing tools.

It’s an easy 7 step process – Use Quick Setup Wizard to install the tool, log in with your account details, double-check that the Addons are enabled, and then start the game. Now, invite your preferred character to a group, and make sure that they’re all following you. Finally, test the attack and other functions to see if they are working properly.

12 Tips for the World of Warcraft Beginner

Welcome to the World of Warcraft! This popular MMO has been around since 2004, but there’s always room for new players to join the fun. Here are a collection of quick and easy tips to help you get into the game and enjoy it!
Customizing the Game

There are a few options you may find extremely useful in your Interface options. These are Control: Auto Loot Enabled; Combat: Auto Self Cast Enabled; and Objectives: Instant Quest Text Enabled.

There is an auto-run key, bound by default to Num Lock. There is also a walk mode, which can be toggled on or off by pressing /.

You may find as you enter towns that you are inundated with spammers trying to sell gold or power-leveling services. If you right click on their name in chat, you can choose Report Spam. This will send a report to the GMs, and mute them so that you no longer see their messages.

Quests and Grouping

World of Warcraft offers a convenient quest tracking tool. This makes it easy to see where you need to go to complete quest objectives. To help you level faster, take a look at your quest tracker before you leave town and plan to complete several quests at once before returning – saving you valuable travel time.

Stuck on a quest? Can’t find a mob or item? The chat channels can be helpful, but sometimes there’s no one around to answer your call. Instead of giving up, look it up! One of the most highly regarded resources for World of Warcraft is the database at It can be searched for anything, and includes maps, notes, and guides to help you find what you need.

Be social! World of Warcraft, while offering a great amount of solo content, does have many group quests and missions – and end game content is very group and guild oriented. Make friends, look for a guild, and have fun!

Managing your Money

Take at least one harvesting profession: mining, herbalism, or skinning. These professions are not only easy to level up, but the materials you gather will offer a steady stream of income for you on the game’s auction house.

Sell everything you can on the Auction House. This player-to-player market can easily make you money on almost any item that is colored white or above (gray colored items are considered vendor trash.)

Save money. As you level up, training will get more expensive, as will getting the mounts you’ll need to get across terrain fast. Rely on quest rewards and item drops to gear up as much as possible; resist spending money on upgrades.

Character Builds and Class Roles

Classes that can tank are Warriors, Paladins, Death Knights, and Druids. Classes that can heal are Priests, Paladins, Druids, and Shaman. All classes have the ability to be DPS as well.

As you get new abilities (learned every two levels until level 61), make sure to read their descriptions carefully, and practice using them. Not all skills are useful in all situations, and it helps to know what skills you have and when to use them.

When using the LFG/Dungeon Tool, make sure to only select the role (tank, healer, or damage) that you are prepared to do in a group setting. Although you may play a class that can tank, heal, and do damage, no character is capable of doing all three effectively in a dungeon. Stick with what you know and you’ve designed your character to do.

These dozen tips should get you started and well accustomed to one of the most popular MMOs in the world. Happy hunting in Azeroth!

A Revolution in Runescape?

Since I started playing Runescape, perhaps two years ago, there have been many changes in this online society. As of late, I have noticed some changes in Runescape, not just the game itself, but also the people who play it. As a result, Runescape has become a lot more friendly place to be in.
Real World Trading and Trade Limit

I have been scammed more than once in the past, while I was a naive, new player. Also, the worlds were rampant with bots and autotypers, trying to get you to buy there gold for real money. Recently, there have been major changes by Jagex to try to stop this, including the inclusion of a trade limit, and the removal of the (old style) Wilderness. This upset quite a lot of people (mainly the people who were benefitting from this illegal activity), but it has helped the game move forward. This ‘trade limit’ has also got rid of scammers, trying to make money off you unfairly off you.


A Macro is a program that a user can download and install, which does the actions of that character automatically (it is highly reccommened that you do not even attempt to download the software). Such programs are banned by Jagex, because it gives the player an unfair advantage over the other players, also they often install some nasty viruses. When I started playing, these ‘macros’ were all over the place, especially cutting down trees with expensive logs (such as yews), selling them on en masse.

More friendly people

Many of the people who were using Runescape for illicit reasons, most particularly the scammers and the such, were less than pleasant people, and you would not like to meet them in a dark alley. I am not saying that everybody in Runescape is the nicest person in the world, but the level of nastiness has dropped significantly.

Defunct skills for money making

Since the Grand Exchange was introduced, some skills have become useless, for money making or for otherwise.

Smithing used to be a very useful skill for making money and for practical uses, but with the advent of the Grand Exchange, the ores that are used in smithing are now more expensive that the finished product. This, of course, is good for the miners, however, not very good for the smithers, the only way that they can make a profit on some items is to mine the ores themselves and follow the process the whole way through.

Rune-crafting is also very unprofitable, at lower levels especially (if you have it in the nineties then it can be one of the most profitable) as the cost of the basic, non member runes is more than the rune essence, meaning that you have to pay to make runes.

There are still many things that are not quite right with Runescape, but I feel it is almost on the brink of a revolution.

World of Warcraft: Rogues in Patch 3.1

With the release of Patch 3.1, Rogues are going to see some changes in the near future in World of Warcraft. It’s not only going to affect your play style, but it will also affect your spec and how groups are arranged and executed. Nobody wants to be left in the dark when it comes to their future, in game or out of game. Let’s take a look at some of the new changes that are going to take place for the Rogue class in World of Warcraft. Let it be known, that little will remain the same.
Between the PvP and PvE aspects of the game, your character can be fairly well geared if you put some work into it. That being said, I’m happy to announce that there are going to be even more opportunities for gear in the upcoming patch. No longer will you have to place all of your bets on one single dungeon or spend countless hours Pvping. You’ll be able to mix and match gear easier than ever.

Getting your Rogue outfitted for PvP:

We have a new Gladiator’s set coming out. It’s the successor to the Deadly Gladiators and it’s called the Furious Gladiators set. You’re not going to see many changes to this aspect of World of Warcraft life as far as stat changes are concerned, but you will see some stat increases. If you’ve become accustomed to the way that your PvP gear performs, then you’ll likely take this route because it’ll allow your character to act the way you’re comfortable with. The Furious Gladiator’s set is sure to further your aspirations and ability to perform against your opponents in PvP. If you have your eye on this set, you can start saving up some honor now and buy it right when it comes out.

Participating in the Argent Tournament:

One of the biggest attractions in World of Warcraft Patch 3.1 is the upcoming Argent Tournament. This is the first attempt at a true single PvE environment that you’ll play solo in (just like any other offline game). The gear found in the Argent Tournament is all equal to Naxxramus 10 or Heroic gear, it’s just a different means of getting gear of this quality. Many (and I do mean many) of the new pieces of gear and rewards of taking part in the Argent Tournament are still unknown, but from what we’ve seen so far, it seems to be well worth your while. Whether you’re going to use the Argent Gear for PvP or PvE, it probably wont’ disappoint, but I can’t say for sure as I haven’t seen every aspect of the new gear coming out.

Some of the Argent Tournament Gear (for Rogues):

There is talk of a mace and a dagger that are going to be available for rogues. All of the specifics of the weapons haven’t been seen, but if Blizzard keeps with tradition they’ll be superior to previous versions and dungeon rewards.

Wintergrasp Gear:

Wintergrasp is going to see a significant increase in the number of awards available. We’re going to see a new trinket, belt, chest piece and maybe more. These are going to be of the same quality as the Deadly Gladiator set – so if you’re looking for something equivalent to the Deadly, but you aren’t looking to do the same thing over and over again, you might want to check out Wintergrasp as an alternative. Blizzard seems to know that nothing kills the fun of a game more effectively than forcing people to so the same thing over and over again until the point of saturation. The new PvP trinkets available from Wintergrasp will be a welcomed sight for Rogues. They’re rumored to have more offensive stats, which is an arguable improvement. It’s going to depend on the other gear if I’m going to be losing some defense for more offense. We’ll see what happens as time rolls along.

Ulduar for Rogues:

If you still need some more options, we’re seeing more items from Ulduar in 3.1. This is worth taking a look at and following up on, but nothing has been confirmed about the gear yet other than that fact that it is coming out. Ulduar25 should be on Par for Naxx25 or maybe just a little but above it. Polish up that armor and weapon and get ready for Ulduar if you’re looking to take a gamble on the quality of gear you’ll get out of it. Personally, I’m simple. I’m going for the PvP gear as that’s a safe bet and I know exactly what I’ll be getting from it.

The Wrap up:

If you feel so inclined, you can go out nearly anywhere in the upcoming 3.1 and get some gear. The question is, where will you get it from? Ulduar? The Argent Tournament? Wintergrasp? PvP?
These are all questions that should be answered, but the good news is that you’re in no hurry to answer them. Blizzard has kept with tradition in giving players a lot of options in Patch 3.1

Creating a Good F2p Pure in Runescape

The key to creating a great pure in runescape is firstly trying to figure out what type of pure you want to become and then write down some goals in the short term and long that you want to achieve to get there.
For example you could become a rune pure which is a pure that has 40 defence 40 to 60 attack and strength as high as possible. This is the most common type of pure as they are harder to kill because of their defence level but can also hit high and have a good chance of killing 1 defence pures.

1 defence pures are as their name suggests, pures that have 1 defence, 40 to 60 attack and strength as high as possible. These types of pures are usually a lower level and are very strong for their combat level. They are the types of pures that you want to be aware of as they can kill other players in 3 hits.

Once you figure out what type of pure your want to become you then need to decide how you are going to train him or her. I would recommend starting off by fighting some chickens and getting your attack level to 10. From there you should raise your strength level to 10 and then your attack level to 20. This process should be followed until you have 25 attack and 25 strength.

Once these stats are reached your work at the chickens are done and you will need to move onto cows to get more experience and gain levels quicker. You want to aim at getting 40 attack and then raising your strength as high as you can possibly get it. This would apply to you if you are a free to play character and do not have access to the members features.

If you decide to become a rune pure then you should get defence after attack and strength are reasonably high because you might find that having 1 defence was the best thing for you and what you felt comfortable with.

I’ll leave you with a parting tip: Always find out the stats of your opponent before you battle them. This will help gauge how strong they are and whether you will win a fight, lose a fight or have a very close fight. Even if your stats are the same, runescape can be very random at times and make it seem that one person is stronger than the other, but this could also be because they are wearing the best equipment for their level and I advise you to get familiar with the items and armor and do the same thing.