World of Warcraft Multi Boxing Guide


World of Warcraft has many factors that help spark up the game, and by that, I don’t mean debates and controversies. One of those sparking factors is the Multi Boxing that is supported by some and despised by others. But the question that arises is, what is Multi Boxing and why has it added such an impact onto the players? Well, the term stands for playing with different characters at the same time, and that means different accounts. It sounds a little confounding, so to know more, you will have to read further ahead for this multiboxing wow guide.

What is Multi Boxing in the World of Warcraft?

As mentioned above, it is the act of playing with several different characters at a given time, which is either on one or a different computer. In simpler words, instead of playing as one character, you are now controlling several others simultaneously. It entirely depends on how strong your device is to handle more than one account. For instance, if you have more than one WoW client opened on a device, it can cause it to lag or crash. To take advantage of the multiboxing wow play style, you will need a special tool, and the good news is that is it available for both; Mac and PC users.

Is it allowed?

Yes, Multi Boxing is allowed in World of Warcraft retail servers, and there are numerous players who are actively playing using this method. This form of tool is not viewed as cheating by Blizzard, so as long as you stick to the genuine gameplay, anything and everything is allowed. However, the game moderators make take action in some cases like bringing a dozen of characters to kill the enemy faction’s PVP vendor at the battlegrounds. So, it’s best that you play smart while using the Multi Boxing tool.

Is it against the terms and conditions of the game?

The answer is an obvious no because as stated above, Blizzard has officially supported this tool for wow classic multiboxing, likewise to wow TBC multiboxing. So, it is not against the Terms of Service. I mean, they aren’t actively supporting Multi Boxing, but you won’t get banned if you use it in a genuine way. Just stay out of exploitation methods like stacking up important quest loots by playing at 15 different accounts by yourself, because that will cause Blizzard’s team to instantly notice and ban your account.

Why are other players against it?

There are several players that aren’t keen on the decision of letting Multi Boxers play, and you can view their comments on the official WoW forums for wow classic multiboxing, and wow TBC multiboxing. Most of the Warcraft fans feel that Multi Boxing is taking away the actual feel of the game, and the gameplay has started to feel a little unnatural. I mean, the reason is right in front of your eyes about why the players are upset about it.

How to set up the software?

To set the tool, you will have to first enter your WoW account details or other metrics that are related to it. The process may vary depending upon which Multi Boxing tool you’re using. For instance, there are PC-only solutions that allow you to enable control to different accounts from any keyboard that is found on the running computer. However, they are kind of require manual work and input codes, which isn’t for everyone, and that’s why players go for the other variants of Multi Boxing tools.

It’s an easy 7 step process – Use Quick Setup Wizard to install the tool, log in with your account details, double-check that the Addons are enabled, and then start the game. Now, invite your preferred character to a group, and make sure that they’re all following you. Finally, test the attack and other functions to see if they are working properly.